It's easy to understand how to improve quality & efficiency at your pharmacy
Get a handle on your pharmacy's workflows, risks, and discover opportunities for improvement. APMS provides the tools and the resources to track your errors so that you can zero in on weak spots with corrective training and or new process steps. Understand where to devote resources for staff training and decrease operational costs.

Your Partner in Quality Improvement

The Alliance for Patient Medication Safety® (APMS®) program helps community pharmacies implement and maintain continuous quality improvement programs to comply with health insurance and state and federal requirements, and improve patient care.

Holding Hands

Who We Are

The Alliance for Patient Medication Safety® is a federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO), which allows our pharmacy members to participate in continuous quality improvement in a safe environment. Pharmacists can share information about trends and best practices associated with dispensing errors or other medication errors with absolute confidentiality. Participating pharmacy members can track and study patient safety data without fear of exposure.

We provide independent, chain, and compounding pharmacies with quality assurance programs. Our tools and programs help with reporting patient safety events, implementing corrective training, and preventing risk.

Why Join APMS®?

  • Comply with Quality Assurance requirements found in network contracts, Medicare Part D, and state regulations
  • Protect your patient safety data and quality improvement work
  • Save money by improving workflow and decreasing potential harmful events
  • Establish a strong team oriented patient safety culture

APMS® News & Updates

Stay up-to-date with the lastest news and updates direct from Alliance for Patient Medication Safety®.

Medication Safety Tips

Join us at the beginning of every month for new medication safety tips to share with your pharmacies!
February 1, 2020

High Alert Drugs - Compounding

The pharmacy maintains an up-to-date list of high alert drugs in the compounding area and compounding formulation master sheets are marked with a high alert designation…

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APMS Medication Safety Champion Award

APMS® Presents the Medication Safety Champion Award to Bartell Drugs Quality Committee and Korman Healthcare Pharmacy
August 23, 2019

Richmond, Virginia, August 9, 2019 – The Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS®) announces the Bartell Drugs Quality Committee and Korman Healthcare Pharmacy as recipients for the…

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APMS Membership

What is APMS and what are the benefits of joining a Patient Safety Organization?
March 27, 2019

Access the APMS Brochure here: APMS PQC+ Brochure

APMS is a federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO). More info here: APMS Membership

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